My Heart


My heart is for the restoration of  compassion and humanity to our leaders, present and future. I believe that by providing safe spaces for leaders to face challenges, be shown love and compassion, we can empower them to embody those qualities in their leadership.

My heart longs for leaders to have the freedom of living their best authentic lives.

My MInd


I believe that over 30 years of experience and education in training, leadership and giving has helped to develop me into a powerful spiritual and actual leader. From a career in corporate training and management to certifications in spiritual and psychological modalities, I have collected a storehouse of experiences that I regularly impart to my clients and students. I believe experience is the best teacher. I constantly seek to exist not just as a teacher, but always a student.

My Mouth


I was raised to always speak up for myself and for those that aren't able to speak up for themselves. As an international award-winning speaker, I regularly speak into the lives of students, corporations and groups about the power of their influence and the importance of their presence. I strive to always speak in authenticity and love, with words of wisdom and transformation.

My Contribution


Giving is the foundation of my life. In addition to my dedication to established leaders, I regularly indulge in philanthropy. My biggest GIVE is in the form of my nonprofit organization - Global Legacy Builders Foundation.  Through our Leadership Academy, we work with under-served communities around the world to identify, train and empower women and youth leaders within their communities. Our belief is that "Strong leaders build strong communities...We Build Strong Leaders" 

We encourage and provide opportunities for people to share their time, talent and resources in contribution to the global community.

My Spirit


I believe that the biggest key to living a life of balance and fulfillment is directly linked to our level of connection to our Divine nature and Divine creator. My personal spiritual journey as a healer and teacher has intensified my impact as a leader to leaders. I know that a strong spiritual foundation helps to clarify our personal identity and purpose in life. I utilize empathy and intuition as valuable resources to establish unique personal pathways for those I serve. 

Building a strong personal and spiritual identity are at the core of balanced leaders. 

My Hope


My Desire is that whoever you are and whatever stage you are in on your journey as a leader, that you will invest in your total well-being. I pray that leaders find new ways to exist powerfully, share generously, and  lead compassionately - beginning with yourself.  I hope that you learn to celebrate your wins wholeheartedly and lovingly. Take the steps to go higher by being willing to heal deeper. Thank you!