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Giving is at the core of my very being. Like so many high-functioning leaders, I too believe that it is our responsibility in this life to share our gifts in ways that improve the lives of those around us and empower them to do the same. Philanthropy is one of the highest forms of leadership. 

For me that looks like the contribution  and outreach that I am able to provide through my nonprofit organization - Global Legacy Builders Foundation! GLBF is a 501 (c)3 organization that not only encourages leadership and contribution, but also provides multiple ways for leaders like yourself to participate and contribute. Through sponsorship and generous donations,  we are able to provide training and support for women and youth around the world.  

Would you consider joining me in making an impact in the lives of women and youth  in under-served communities? To learn more about the organization, please click "JOIN US".  


*All donations are tax deductible and provide resources and supplies for our global outreach.  

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All contributions made through this link are tax deductible and strictly for the benefit of Global Legacy Builders Foundation, a  501 (c)3 organization.

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